This is Friday

Meet again after a long week, today friday is little bit special than other friday... why? because today i know my final exam result and what can i say is the result is not so good, but not so bad either. I only get 3.05 for my last sem and total 3.23 CGPA for total foundation. Compare with other i got long way to go if i want to been PETRONAS worker. Like if last friday i choose empty walls song from serj tankian, today i choose the unthinking majority from same singer. Enjoy your friday, meet you next friday.

I just release my new two blog
Plussixty Clothing

Its boring...

Hello.. here come another friday, actually i am now at port dickson, because i have a camp for petronas scholar, luckily that resort have wireless, so i can write this post using PSP believe it or not? For those who already have PSP there is no suprise about it. So about the camp.. because this is the last day so i can summarize the camp in one bit... the camp is pretty fun, not like other camp i ever attend before.. i think this camp most beneficial to me than other camp. Why? simply because the program, the speaker all very high class like "What they want we to get, we will get it" very perfect. Plus food is very nice, i mean if everyday i eat like this, my weight gonna goes up. For this camp is give two thumb up. By the way the camp at Casa Rechado.

Travel Day...

Today is Damn Friday, I think writing all my post on friday is such good thing.. because i don't need to find the story elsewhere i just can write what happen to me in whole week... but today i really have no much time, today is my travel day.. i have to go to seremban because i have camp next sunday. That why i write this post in the morning today. I yet don't know whether i can post next friday, but hope i can.. becauce maybe i got lot of things to talk about- about the camp. So see you again wish me the best.

How to sell?

Hello, friday reader... if you follow my last post, i do talk about Hall of Sound right and now i want to tell the story about it. What can i say all the band that performance that day really make me jumping. But i can't do so because i'm selling tshirt that time, so i have to take care of my booth.. but when meet uncle hussain performance, i can't hold myself anymore, i ask my friend to look the booth, and i go MOSHING! and after that back to business..hehe even the business is suck i'm only selling one shirt for whole day.. but Bittersweet really cure the pain.. so for the total.. HALL OF SOUND ROCK!!

but how can i sell my tshirt.. there plenty of them.. you want some?

My first week of Holiday

Yup, after hard knock of exam, today is my first holiday friday.. i felt release, and so damn happy after can put all 500pages books away.. this is my first holiday week so there is nothing much to tell, but i can tell that my routine have changed.. before this at 12-1 AM i already sleep, but at home after Subuh i go to sleep and woke up before zohor.. Do try it, it is bad but we live only once.. See You next friday.